When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment, FysioMMT is the provider you need.

FysioMMT works with professional with a large range of technics, understanding of the problem and the will to help. 

​You can be assured – 'FysioMMT'  is commited to excellence when it comes to the level of care it provides.

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Physiotherapy works with a high level of knowledge in the field to maintain the human body, keep the range of motion of the joints, muscule patterns that during our life get 'out' of timing. It connects within Massage, some Manual therapy technics, Kinesio Taping, PNF ( Neurlogical Method)


Neurological disorders in body-very often.  Stroke, accidents with nerve problems, MS,  car accidents with a whiplash syndrome, Ischiadicus dissorders, back problems


Medical,Sport, Limphatic-

Deep muscule,cardio-skin methods where you have time to relax during a session of massage.
It's also a great way to find a extra "BREATH" during the day and method to help the body work more relaxed, out-stressed and in a calm way.

Osteopathy Manual  Medicine

Manual Therapy is a perfect method of work to help the patinet to maintain joint disrodes and better life. Back problems, joints, knees etc. All of us need some treatment during our life since we want to 'grab' as much from it.


Therapy or in other wyas Occiupational Therapist. That's what most of the ergoterapeuts do but they don't stay with the patient in there natural habit. It's a very good way and approach from the patient to help him to get as much as possibly independent.

Fysioterapy and Massage in Sports. The #1 way to make a SUPER Athlete.You wanna go through you training process without any injuries?Do you wanna know your main weeknessess to get much better?Do you kneed fysioterapy treatment and 'care' for your team?



Kinesio Tape method is a highly recommended method which provides "home" therapy when your physical therapeut can't be with you.
Special applications with colorfull tapes which help with muscule, lymphatic,skeletal and circulation dissordes.

value. quality care. convenience.